A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You've discovered a game that wasn't meant to be seen by the public, after the data within a development kit was extracted and burnt onto a disc with the contents of it now surfacing online. It is now up to you as to whether or not you're going to take it upon yourself to explore the mysterious world of this game, or if you're going to let it fade into obscurity.

Explore the void. Find a way out.

Made for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend 1.

This is my first game so this may not be perfect, but I sincerely hope people enjoy what I've created based on the time I had to develop this game. I may even update this game and if there's enough demand, I might even make it into a full game with a full story. So if this looks interesting to you, download it, check it out and let me know your thoughts! :D


W and SMovement
A and DLook Left + Right
Up and Down ArrowsLook Up + Down


First Person Controller by Breogan Hackett

Retro 3D Shader Pack by LEAKYFINGERS

Music by Robster881

Sound effects and music provided by Freesound.org

Install instructions

  1. Download game
  2. Extract game from ZIP file 
  3. Enjoy! :D


Personified Fear (Windows) V3 122 MB
Personified Fear (Mac) V3 123 MB
Personified Fear (Linux) V3 126 MB
Personified Fear (Windows) V2 122 MB
Personified Fear (Mac) V2 123 MB
Personified Fear (Linux) V2 126 MB

Development log


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I really want to play this game, hope it ca ve in android.

I really liked the strange enviroment, it was a bit hard for me to find the goal but I probably made a big circle around it.

We played your hame and it was definitely an enjoyable one. Got a little jump out of us and everything! Thanks for making this, hope to see more from you.

Mate, good job on this one. Love the atmosphere. This is a good art house-like horror game, 7.5/10 

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That was a great experience! I haven't found the ending, but I really enjoyed other mysterious, shocking and unsettling moments you got there.

Spot on with the atmosphere here. I spent a very long time wandering the void, which is both a positive and a negative. A positive because the atmosphere made me want to see more (and the ending was worth it, I think), but a negative because I was aimlessly wandering the void, not sure what to look for. More noticable landmarks or audio cues, or more different things to find may have helped, though I fear that adding things to help you navigate might be missing the point of the experience. Either way, good job!


Beautiful emptiness. Bonus fourth game in video, timecode 23:12

This is interesting horror game where it puts more of the horror in the what ifs. Though the atmosphere is nice, I wish the player had some sort of a "Pre Hum" so they knew what to listen for. Besides that, it's a decent first attempt.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hey! Thanks for checking out the game mate, yeah the game's not perfect but it is my first game and I've still got alot to improve in terms of game development. Got more projects in line coming up that'll have alot more gameplay so if you're interested in my work, you can follow my itch page for future updates. I mainly post updates on my Twitter @HawkerenYT where I'll share W.I.P stuff related to new projects I'm working on. :D

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

The game is finished, just updates to fix minor issues is all.

Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm not understanding these "clues" at all

You're really listening out for a sound that stands out from the music. ;)

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Really cool game. I had a tricky time with it for the first ten or so minutes, as I was wandering mostly aimlessly (I'm not sure if I was on a build before the audio cues, or I didn't hear them). Then a certain something really surprised me and I was able to follow it to find the end (not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was cool). I loved the ending as well.

One thing though: you should mark the platforms on the download. I had to manually install it (instead of installing it through the itch app), and it doesn't show up if you filter by platform on the jam page.

Hi there, glad you enjoyed the game! To answer your question, no that 'certain something' wasn't programmed to intentionally lead you to the end. If the title of the file didn't have V2 at the end of it, you were playing the first version of the game. Otherwise, I might need to make the audio cue a little bit louder so it stands out more and that people can follow it.

Other than that, thank you for taking a look at my game and there's more to come soon. (Hopefully haha).


Okay, so there seems to be an issue with the resolution where text is getting cut off. I don't know what's causing it but I'll need to look into that.

Released a new updated version of the game to improve gameplay as well as fix major bugs, I also released a devlog regarding the new update, check it out if you're interested. :)